Food Journey

Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m a picky eater. Like, 2 year old refusing to eat, picky eater. My blood work shows how bad my eating is. My non-alcoholic fatty liver shows how bad my eating is.

My husband and I have had several talks about this, and it’s never amounted to much. I am, as most people, a creature of habit, and I don’t like change. I like my breads, my starches, and my sugars. And I don’t like vegetables. If there is something in front of me that I don’t know if I like or I know I don’t like, almost nothing can make me try it. Let alone eat all of it.

That has changed.

Once again, we had a very serious conversation about my eating habits, but there was something different in it this time. Maybe it was just the right time, maybe something else. But I’ve changed. Every night for the last week and a half, I’ve eaten a new food. And finished it.

That’s a huge deal for me. Especially on the third night when I ran into something that made me GAG! Spaghetti squash with marinara sauce was terrible. It was too watery, and the tastes didn’t mesh at all. But! And this is the huge deal; I finished the whole thing. Looking at my children and watching them struggle with the same thing gave me the strength to finish so that they would. And I pointed out that this was hard for me. I let them know that I was doing something that was very difficult for me. I was eating my food even though I didn’t like it. My husband and I made it into the big deal that it was. And you know what? My kids ate all their food too.

And that’s why I’m still going at it. That’s why I’m going to eat a new food tonight, and tomorrow night. And continue on until we’ve run out of new foods (which could take a while considering there’s an Indian store down the street with a bunch of foods that are native to India). And once we’ve run out of new foods, we’ll try the old ones with new spices, blends, and ways of cooking. We will figure out ways for me to like healthy foods. I will reverse my fatty liver. I will get my Hemoglobin A1c back down to where it used to be. I will get my cholesterol where it needs to be as well.

And with any luck, my children will grow up healthier than I did.