I Am Not A Serial Killer

How’s that for a title? It’s the title of my favorite book by Dan Wells. When I first read that book, I was little concerned about how much I connected to the main character. This was before I was on medication, and I was pretty empty. Reading that a fictional character felt similar to how I did, even though that character was a little creepy, was reassuring. It showed me that I wasn’t alone. Because if the character was that well written, someone real had to understand too.

It was amazing how much better I felt when I knew I wasn’t alone. When I knew that if this fictional character could improve and get better, that meant it was possible, right? That doesn’t always ring true, but isn’t that what stories are for? To see ourselves in the characters and hopefully improve ourselves?

I love reading. It helps me feel like I can conquer anything. Dan Wells tries to input a mental illness into every book he writes, which I think is amazing! He’s doing so much to help end the stigma that surrounds mental illnesses.