You’re not alone

It’s interesting. We look at celebrities and think how amazing they are, how they all seem to either have all their life together, or purposefully not. They either seem to have no problems, or they have the “famous people problems”.

What if I told you that they are just like us?

What if I told you that Mariah Carey, Carrie Fisher, and Catherine Zeta-Jones all have bipolar disorder? What if I told you that David Tennant and Zachary Levi have gone to therapy for various things? What if I told you that Princess Diana, Drew Barrymore, and Adele all got postpartum depression? What if I told you that Oprah Winfrey, Stephen Colbert, and both Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have anxiety?

Would you feel a little better about your own problems? Would that help you know that you’re not alone?

Would it help to know that the Women with Mental Illness group I belong to on Facebook has 679 members? That’s only women! The Bipolar and Depression group I belong to has almost 200 members. That’s actually lower than I would have expected.

I want everyone to know they’re not alone. So many times through our anxiety and depression, we isolate ourselves and believe that we’re the only ones that ever feel this way. My husband once felt that no one alive understood because if they did, they wouldn’t be alive anymore. But someone understands. Someone alive. Many people have been there. Many people will be there. I’ve been there, my husband’s been there. So many, many people have been where you are and have gotten past it. You can too. Look to them for help. Look to me for help. Email me, comment on this post, find me on Facebook. I’m always willing to respond and talk to someone who needs me.