New things in my life!!!

So many new things happening! First of all, I’ve started publishing a new book on Kindle Vella! You can find it here. The first three “episodes” are free, then the rest cost a certain amount of tokens depending on how many words are in the episode. It’s kind of a cool idea, and I thought I’d try it out. Let me know what you think, and you can actually make comments on my book and give me ideas and stuff! If you want.

The next fun, new thing, is that I’m working toward becoming a life coach focusing on mental wellness. I’ll be putting more information up as I get closer to actually starting, but I’m very excited about this. I think I’ll be able to help a lot of people. Let me know if you want to be one of them! First comers get a discount, so definitely think about it.

The next fun thing is that the audiobook for Through the Eyes of a Friend is VERY close to being published, just finalizing a few things. I’ll keep you updated on that as well. In the meantime, don’t forget to get your kindle or paperback copy if that’s more your style! It’s mine, personally.

New things are the best! I’m excited to hear your thoughts, possibly work with you, and for you to enjoy my book, however you end up getting it!