It’s okay to not be okay

Someone talked to me this week, having read a small bit of my book. She told me that it had changed her views in just the first few pages. She mentioned that I said something about it being okay to not be okay. Having looked through the first bit of my book, I honestly don’t know what section she’s talking about, but I’m glad that it could help her. I saw someone who’s life had been touched.

It’s hard to change your views, to accept mental illness as part of your life, or to understand what others are going through. That’s why I wrote my book. I have a coworker who told me that he finally understood the “guinea pig” stage. Even after having it explained to him by a patient who didn’t want to go through that again, he didn’t get it. My book helped him.

I hope that my book can touch more lives, can affect more people. If I can, I’d love to find that my book has changed someone’s views to the point that it saved a life, but honestly, knowing that I touched a soul, made that person’s life a little better, and perhaps it will escalate out from there, it enough. I haven’t made much money on my book, but I’ve touched lives. And that’s more important.

Thank you for making me aware.