A new medication that actually works!

As most of you know, I’ve been in the guinea pig stage for the last three years! I’ve been trying to find a medication that works for my depression without killing my libido. It’s not been successful. I’ve literally been on half a dozen different antidepressants over the last three years, all with varying results. Some worked for my depression, but killed my libido. Some didn’t work for either. One even made my depression worse!

But through it all, I’ve had David cheering me on and encouraging me to find the right one. I started ziprasidone (Geodon) for my bipolar a few months back and got amazing results, but my depression was still going, my libido still in the toilet.

Finally, after trying Wellbutrin (which has the side effect of depression), my psychiatrist gave me samples of Viibryd. I’m two weeks in. I’ve been more patient with my kids than EVER before. I’ve been more joyful, I’ve been laughing with them more, I’ve been happier. I’ve been better at getting my chores done. I HATE dishes. Give me laundry any day, but dishes are KILLER! But I’ve been doing my dishes every night. I’ve been making meals for me family most nights. I’ve been eating better, I’ve been walking more, I’ve been drinking more water. I’m just feeling all around so much better.

But the best part is, it’s having the exact opposite effect on my libido as the other SSRIs I’ve been on were. Where they all killed my libido, Viibryd has actually make it higher. I’m connecting with my husband in ways I’ve only dreamed about for the past year. And, of course, he’s excited because he’s been craving that connection as well. It’s an important part of a marriage.

So, if you see me being more productive, happier, and healthier, there’s a reason.

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