The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. Now, normally I wouldn’t condone swearing. Anyone who knows me knows that. But this book has SUCH a great message. 

This is a book I listen to over and over again. It teaches you about willpower and how to make yours stronger. The teachings in it are crazy amazing!

Once again, technically swearing. But it’s also such a good message. You are amazing, and this book reminds you of that!

Same author as You Are A Badass, but it goes farther into it. I really love both of these books.

The Upside of Stress shows you how stress can actually benefit your life. Not all stress is bad, though not all of it is good. The key is to figure out how to use it!

This author went on a quest to be rejected. During that quest, he made the interesting discovery that you’ll actually be rejected less than you think. People want to help you, whether out of curtesy, or a morbid curiosity of why you are asking.

This was a great book! It’s by the same people that put together the Chicken Soup for the Soul books. They talk about that experience and how it almost never happened, but they learned to ASK. Ask and ye shall receive, more often than not, honestly.

This book gives you a great toolkit when dealing with anxiety, I’ll be honest, I haven’t yet finished it, but what I’ve read thus far has been AWESOME!

Abundance is a book about the lack of scarcity in our society. There are options enough out there for you! You just need to find them. You never need be scared that you can’t achieve what you want to do. You CAN!

The Power of Vulnerability I’m still listening to. My husband recommended it to me and I couldn’t be more excited to read it. Being vulnerable can be scary, but necessary. When we put ourselves out there, we inadvertently allow others to do the same. If we could all be a little more vulnerable, the world could be a more caring place.


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