5 Ways to Combat Depression and Anxiety

1 Listen to Uplifting music

I have a playlist on my phone that’s called self propaganda. It’s all the things that I SHOULD believe, but used to have a hard time believing. If you listen to something enough, it starts making more sense, especially if you try to believe it. It’s an odd name, I’ll grant you, but there you have it. It’s full of songs that I want to believe. Songs that remind me how much my husband loves me, like our wedding song and a Spanish song that he says reminds him of me. I have songs that remind me how much I love him, like our wedding song and a Hindi song that reminds me of him. But the most important songs I have are ones that remind me how much I love me or how amazing I am. Songs like Me too by Megan Trainer and World Changers by Matthew West. I also have upbeat songs that just make me happy, but never have a negative phrase in them. I listen to this on the way to work or while getting ready in the morning every day. It’s really helped me feel better about myself and has help combat some of the anxiety.

2 Think Positive thoughts

I HATED hearing this when I was in the depths of my depression. If I could think positive thoughts, I wouldn’t be depressed, right? Well, no. Not necessarily. But, it does help the depression subside a little. It helps it to not take over your life. If you can continue to think positive thoughts about the situations you’re in, the depression will subside. Sometimes it will be hard. In fact, I would argue that MOST of the time it will be hard. But if you get in the habit of looking on the brighter side, of showing gratitude for whatever is happening to you, depression will have a hard time holding you completely in its grasp.

3 Meditate

Depression THRIVES on the chaos of your brain. Meditation helps calm that chaos. It also gives you a chance to really FOCUS on those positive thoughts we just talked about. I’ll be honest, I’m not great at meditation in the normal sense of the term. I don’t sit cross legged with my eyes closed and go “om”. But while I’m in my car, during the thirty minute commute, I talk to myself. I think about how amazing I am and how amazing my life is. It’s very calming and uplifting. You do it however works best for you.

4 Positive Affirmations

I know, you’re going “Julie Ann, you already put positive thoughts.” I say back to you, yes. Yes I did. But there is a difference between positive thoughts about your situation and positive affirmations about yourself. Positive affirmations are thoughts that combat the censoring voices that are almost definitely in your head. They tell you that you aren’t good enough, you aren’t pretty enough, that you are enough enough. They LIE! Positive affirmations are that you ARE good enough, that you ARE pretty enough. Positive affirmations tell you the truth about yourself instead of the lies that you have believed your whole life. The lies that depression and anxiety want you to continue to believe. Remember that they are LIES.

5 Medication

None of these work for you? Or they don’t do enough? Don’t be one of those people that are so anti-medication that you can’t find the help you need. Don’t suffer your whole life because you can’t bring yourself to take medication. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Never believe that taking care of yourself in whatever way you have to is shameful. As long as you’re not hurting others in the process, you are just fine. And taking medication doesn’t hurt anyone else. Yes, it might not work at first. You might have to try several. But don’t feel bad about that.

How do these things work for you? Comment and let me know what you’re doing to combat the depression and anxiety that are so prevalent in this world!