An interesting year to say the least! My goodness!

It has been a YEAR! 2021 was an interesting year to say the least. It went by so quickly I feel like we’ve blinked and now it’s already 2 days from 2022.

But at the same time, images and memes we created in January and February are only 10-11 months old. And they feel like they’ve been around forever. They have always been there. Never a time when they weren’t there. This picture that went viral is only 11 months old.

During this interesting year, I’ve published 1.5 books this year, Through the Eyes of a Friend, and Guardian of the Prince. I updated the cover to Failure to Thrive, which I like a lot better. I’ll be honest, I love the birds at the top. I also added three new stand-alone books that I’m working on to my fiction page, that should be done sometime soon. The one I’ve got the most done on, I don’t have a cover for, and the one I’ve got the least done on has the best cover. I actually really love the cover for Eternal Choices, and I’m excited to finish it, even if vampiric novels are totally out right now. Oh well.

A lot has changed this year, but a lot, too much, stayed the same. We’re still too divided as a nation. We are having a hard time seeing past our own pain and looking at other’s suffering. We’re too quick to look at differences and ignore the similarities. We forget that there is ONE race, the HUMAN race, but many different cultures and beautiful things we can learn from. If you see a difference in someone, don’t write it off as them being wrong. Learn from them. Hear their point of view. I’ve always said that you can learn something from everyone. Even if you don’t understand what it could possibly be before you learn it.

I think most of us have this nation’s best interest at heart, but we don’t know how to implement the best thing for ALL of us. Let’s start discussions with people with opposing views. Let’s get to know what they’re saying. Let them know what you’re thinking without being derogatory. In the end, we have all been through this interesting year together and we all deserve the love that should come from it.