Failure to Thrive – PDF


Relationships are hard; life is hard. When someone battles mental illnesses, it can be harder still. Do you know someone who is struggling with mental illness and want to help support them?

To understand a mental illness, you have to get into the mind of someone who’s fighting it. This book does just that. It’s raw, honest, yet hopeful, and 100% true. It will show you what is going on in their head sometimes, and why—even when you try to be supportive—they don’t always accept it.

Are you yourself warring with a mental illness?

Julie Ann’s powerful autobiography can help you live a more successful life, even while battling things like Bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. She’ll help you overcome the derogatory lies that your brain tells you and accept the loving truths from those who care. Learn to love yourself again. Know you’re not alone.


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